I grew up in the cities in Taiwan and Hong Kong surrounded by urban landscapes, rich folktales, and ancient plant medicine. As a sensitive child, I found comfort in the narratives in cartoons and comics, which inspired my personal visual vocabulary and way of seeing.
Although I'm familiar with hearing stories of mystic encounters from my mom, my ability to experience and draw from the realm of mystery was strengthened after I lived and worked on a biodynamic farm for nine months after college in Moorpark, CA. This transformational experience taught me to embrace my ever-evolving inner world and the experiences that I carried from the East and the West, and ground my energy in Nature through meditation and journaling.
In my art, I explore the narratives between plant and human beings. With a fascination in mysticism and mythology, I combine the beauty from everyday life on Earth with what I see in meditation. I predominately create using ink, graphite, and watercolor and gouache from organic earth pigments. As a multidisciplinary artist, I also bring these visions to life using fabric, wood, metal, paper, and animation.
Partnership with One Tree Planted
5% of all monthly art sales will be donated to One Tree Planted in order to reforest our planet.
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